DANIEL CASARES: «TRASMALLO», an advance of his next album «GUITARRISIMO»

After a month in state of emergency in Spain, the guitarist from Malaga is publishing the second volume of his latest work, “Guitarrissimo”. On this ocassion, Daniel has chosen alegrias, titled “Trasmallo” . The artist praises some non-negotiable values, such as freedom and health, in this critical moment for world history, with the population massively locked down at home.

In this recording, Daniel returns to the very essence of the most orthodox and refined guitar school. He does so in oder to lighten the long wait and the lockdown of Spanish society. In the video, recorded with an impressive technical display, the guitarist appears devoted to his instrument, escorted by the prestigious palmeros (clappers) Carlos Grilo and Diego Montoya, from Cadiz.

“Trasmallo” is the second out of four video registers which will be released shortly, in the next weeks. The composition does not only represent an overwhelming exhibition of technique, virtuosity and lyric, but it is also a song of hope, as opposed to the darkness of the times we are living at present.

On Solera Flamenca we promise to offer you the next volumes (a soleá and what Daniel likes calling “fantasía”), also available on different digital platforms and social media. The whole corpus of this work, “Guitarrísimo”, released by the record label BMG, will be available on the most relevant music platforms on streaming.

Daniel Casares was born in 1980, in El Limonar, a neighbourhood from Malaga. Almost in a self-taught way, Daniel Casares started his career when he was only 8. Having attended classes in Malaga Upper Conservatory, he acquired the necessary experience to grow up as a composer and interpreter, until reaching the elite of the flamenco guitar in history.

Eclectic in his musical taste, his references go from Spanish maestros of undeniable class, such as Paco de Lucía or Niño Ricardo, to international icons of pop-rock and R&B culture, like Sting or Sade. Lately, he has also submerged into the work of the greatest Brazilian guitarists ever (Garoto, Baden Powell or Raphael Rabello, among others) or the contemporary ones de los Guinga and Yamandú Costa, to become enriched from their lyricism and harmonies.

The guitarist has been awarded with the Best New Artist Award of the Association of Show Chroniclers (New York, 2005), Miguel Alcal Award for Best Artist (2005), National Guitar Contest (Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, 1999), National Guitar Contest “Bordón Minero” (Murcia, 1997) and Jaen National Guitar Contest (1996). In addition, in recent years he has shared stage and studio with some names as prestigious as Loreena McKennitt, Toquinho, Dulce Pontes, Alejandro Sanz and Chucho Valdés.

We would like to remind you in March 2020, Daniel Casares paid Solera Flamenca a visit, in order to record the buleria “Capote de Seda” in our facilities. This is the first out of four tunes, present in his next album, “Guitarrisimo”, which you will be able to access by CLICKING THE IMAGE BELOW.