Flamenco guitar Francisco Sánchez 2021

This flamenco guitar was made by the guitar maker Francisco Sánchez, from Estepa (Sevilla) in 2021. After starting his career as a guitar maker in 1999, he made a name for himself in the current panorama, getting a great reputation due to his elaborate making and a great sound quality attained in every single guitar made.

This flamenco guitar is made from special woods which have been seasoned for more than 30 years by Eladio Fernández. Eladio, the brother of the legendary guitar maker Gerundino Fernández, was the main distributor of wood for guitar makers in the 70s and 80s. We have asked Francisco Sánchez to build a cedar and cypress guitar with these woods from Eladio, in homage to Gerundino, given that this combination of woods is that which most represents the work of this artisan genius.

Specially remarkable has to be the headstock: a traditional one, but with an internal mechanism, making accurate tuning possible, without the disadvantages of the old wooden headstocks, combining thus the beauty of the latter with the accuracy and convenience of the modern mechanical headstock.

Francisco Sánchez is without doubt one of the five best guitar makers at the present time. His guitars offer a quality of construction and sound which are difficult to match and apart from this, they possess a very personal flamenco timbre. This has led to him being one of the most established and sought after guitar makers in the world, hence his guitars increase in value year after year.

The tension of this flamenco guitar is medium, and the height of strings in saddle and fingerboard is reduced. The height on the fret 12 is 2.2 millimeters, which allows our left hand to do its job very easily and fluently.

The condition of this flamenco guitar is brand new.

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Canadian cedar

Back and sides


Scale length

655 mm


French polish


Mechanical tuning pegs

String height 12th fret

2.2 mm

Saddle height

7.8 mm

Nut width

52 mm

Dist. between 1st-6th string at the nut

42 mm

Dist. between 1st-6th string at the saddle

59 mm


1450 gr



Included case

Prado brown or black

Optional case (plus 250€)


Optional case ( plus 650 € )

BAM Panther 8002XLB Hightech

Video recorded with strings

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