Juan Montero Aguilera

Juan Montero Aguilera was born in Marchena (Sevilla) in 1932. He settled in Córdoba in 1950, where he set a carpentry workshop with his brother .He would get in touch with flamenco here, although he wouldn´t start building guitars until 1960 in his workshop (23 Goya Street).

He quickly started to be recognized for his wonderful work.

Shocking as it may sound, he avoided working without any apprentice, trainee or assistant, haing built almost 900 guitars by himself.

The most characteristic feature of his guitars are their solidity, and the consistency of their woods of outstanding quality, along with the particular “filetría” and “rosetas” made by himself, clearly distinguishing his guitars.

Tomatito, Manolo Franco or Luis Calderito are some of the guitar players who have used their guitars.