Marcelo Barbero 1950: A GUITAR OF ROYALTY

We are especially proud to be able to showcase this flamenco guitar at Solera Flamenca, one of the most valuable gems that Solera Flamenca has found throughout its history! MARCELO BARBERO from the year 1950. (SEE GUITAR)

Undoubtedly, this guitar is one of the most precious and important gems of our private collection, and we are proud to be able to offer it for study during the conferences that will take place during the SOLERA ARTISANS SCHOOL guitar construction course, promoting and fostering the creation of new guitar makers with knowledge that is difficult to acquire outside of this course.

A guitar that we had approximately a year ago and that we put up for sale before even thinking about creating the SOLERA ARTISANS SCHOOL project. The client and friend who acquired it has decided to offer it to us again after seeing our interest in it for the school project, something for which we will be eternally grateful!

The story behind this instrument is extremely interesting and unique:

This guitar was commissioned by King Farouk of Egypt (1920-1965) from Marcelo Barbero to give as a gift to the son of a close friend who worked at the Egyptian embassy in Madrid. Apparently, Farouk and his friend often held meetings, and sometimes the latter’s son would play the guitar, something the king greatly enjoyed. So much so, that he ordered the construction of a guitar from the master Marcelo Barbero to give as a gift.

Its sound is simply marvelous and words are not enough to describe it. You have to see and feel it to believe it, and after trying it, no other guitar will be the same. A jewel of an instrument that gathers all the qualities one could dream of and will crown any collection, no matter how ambitious or pretentious.

This guitar will be a great “teacher” for all the students at the school for many years, and we are convinced that it will contribute, much more than we imagine, to the birth and growth of new generations of guitar makers.