Pedro Mª Peña

Pedro Mª Peña has spent most of his life working on musical and stage management, as well as musical production of an endless number of artists and shows of proven success, and it is now when Pedro María Peña has taken a step further in his artistic career, showing his talent as a composer and performer.

Guitars have played an essential role in Pedro María Peña´s life, regarding all the projects he has taken, and regardless of the characteristics and the genre of the project (Flamenco, Folk,Pop, Jazz…). Actually, apart from all the experiences he has carried out and taken part of, Pedro María Peña has been for almost 20 years the regular accompanying guitarist of one of the most brilliant figures of flamenco guitar ever: his uncle, the singer Juan Peña “Lebrijano”, whose last musical and stage productions were directed by Pedro.

The art of the guitar was learned from his father and mentor, the multifaceted Pedro Peña. Some years later, from Serafín Arriaza, Guitar Professor in Sevilla Royal Music Conservatory, where he also took some other musical theory courses. Occasionally, he was also disciple of some other great performers, such as Manolo Sanlúcar, Pedro Bacán or Enrique de Melchor.

Heir to one of the most generous families with flamenco ever, “Los Peñas”, in turn related to “Los Perrates” in Utrera, Pedro María Peña is an ever-curious artist, and his endless works have always been passionate, but also hard-working and respectful to art, other performers he worked with, and the most exquisite palates in the audience.