«Recuperando Obras», by Manuel Montero: ELEGÍA I (M. Sanlucar)

The guitarist Manuel Montero has uploaded to his YouTube channel the second volume of a series of videos, which he called “Recuperando Obras” (Bringing Works Back). In this series, the guitarist will perform some works of special interest by the greatest guitarists ever.

In this second volume, the artist will delight us with a work titled «ELEGÍA I» interpreted with a “HOMENAJE A MARCELO BARBERO” guitar, acquired in Solera Flamenca. This piece in granaínas style, called «Elegía I» (to Federico García Lorca) belonging to the album “…y regresarte” (Tribute to Miguel Hernández), where, for the first time, maestro Manolo Sanlúcar uses his personal and famous formula of tremolo, which would reach its peak in the song «Oración», a tune present in his masterpiece Tauromagia.