On solera Flamenca we have always been proud of devoting ourselves to our passion, what we like the most: the guitar is not only a means to earn a living, IT IS OUR VERY LIFE.

One of our ways to effectively materialize this passion is arranging a get-together quite often, with friends and professional performers. In these meetings we buy guitars, we give some feedback, we play, and above all, WE LEARN.

Each meeting improves and sharpens our senses and skills to sense the nuances and characters of each guitar in particular. Even though it seems impossible to differentiate so many particularities in each guitar, this skill is a little similar to tasting wine: an expert taster will be able to find nuances in the taste and aroma, impossible to be found by most people. This skill will allow them to enjoy this wine so much more, and tell one from other accurately. However, to reach this level, he did not only have to taste the very best wines, but especially, he had to taste SO MANY OF THEM.

Many of our customers are shocked when they visit us, due to the way we describe the sound of the guitars they want to test. What is a kind of “sixth sense” for some, is really a skill which can be developed as years go by, and these meetings are a quick way to accelerate and boost this continuous and exciting learning process.

On Solera Flamenca we hope we can enjoy for a long time these meetings with customers and friends… WE WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU!

We leave you with these images of the last meeting we did with our colleagues and friends: Luis Reinaldos , Juan Antonio Moya, Roberto Bioque, Alberto Fernández, Pau Figueras, Arcadio Marín y Jordi franco.