«TANGO A LUCAS», eighth tune of Jerónimo Maya´s latest album: «PUREZA Y SOLERA»

This week we present to you “TANGO A LUCAS”, the eighth track of Jerónimo Maya´s latest album “PUREZA Y SOLERA”, with Solera Flamenca RECORDS.

“Tango a Lucas” is a beautiful composition of tangos the maestro dedicates to his son, Lucas Maya. In its harmonies, we can clearly perceive Hindu influences, so commonly found in Jerónimo´s music. Which makes it unique and special. With a free intro and a particularly catchy and versatile refrain, this tango can literally make anyone fall in love with it, whether they are flamenco lovers or not.

As on previous occasions, this song is accompanied by Juan Mateo for the knucle-tapping, a real genius of the rhythm, who managed to cover this masterpiece with the “complex simplicity” coat which only a maestro like him could provide.

As we have been announcing for the last few weeks, we have started a brand new project: Solera Flamenca RECORDS (READ NEWS). A project for which we would very much like to have a big premiere, with the production of an album by Jerónimo Maya.

This new album means turning back to the purest essence, back to basics, where we will enjoy the guitar of this genius, with the only percussion of knuckles. An album where the maestro´s musical truth and greatness is exposed, bare, without any accessories or musical arrangements whatsoever.

Each of the nine tunes composing this new album will be recorded in audiovisual format, and will be uploaded onto our web and YouTube channel every two weeks.

“PUREZA Y SOLERA” is an unprecedented fresh musical proposal in which we find a highly influential Jerónimo, musically speaking. He is, at the same time, amusing and fun, but also harmonically complex and technically superb, as expected from him.

There is no doubt Jerónimo has reached something else by composing “PUREZA Y SOLERA”: musical maturity, that degree of knowledge, expression and communicative skill which all allow him to directly connect with the heart and soul of his audience.