The first guitars of the SECUOYA project are already here!!

From Solera Flamenca, we write these lines to inform you that we have just received the first two guitars built with the sequoia wood that we acquired a few months ago and that we distributed among the best guitar makers so that they could build guitars of superior quality for us, exclusive and unique. (YOU CAN ACCESS THE NEWS BY CLICKING HERE)

These are two guitars of the builder Jerónimo Pérez, one made of Indian rosewood and the other of cypress, with which we have managed to exceed any possible expectation. They are simply two authentic jewels of the highest level that you can now see and hear separately in the ‘new guitars in stock’ section on our website. (CLICK on the image to go to the site)

Sequoia wood is a high quality wood, well know for various reasons, but especially for its high price and its size and longevity as a tree.

With this name it is normal to refer to various woods. But in this case, the sequoia sempervirens is the one which interests us. It originates from the Western United States, more exactly California.

The sequoia sempervirens can live up to 3,000 years, grow to a height of over 100 metres and reach almost eight metres in diameter. It is without doubt a spectacular tree, a giant. In fact there are old photographs which show a small road passing through the middle of one such tree.

The sequoia has become the most expensive wood in the world, reaching prices of up to 1,500 euros per cubic metre. This tree, which was named after the Cherokee Chief Sequoyah, is characteristic of the United States. The forests where it can be found are situated almost exclusively in the north of the American continent, on the coast of California and in Oregon.

As you can see, no expense has been spared in using the very best in the building of this guitars and the result is simply spectacular. It has a quality of sound, projection, volume and clarity which any person can appreciate just by touching its strings.