TONI ABELLÁN & ANA BRENES: Huelva´s playing and singing on Solera Flamenca

This week we are bringing you Toni Abellán´s flamenco guitar, along with the singer Ana Brenes´s voice. It is a production where the protagonists will allow us to discover new harmonies and musical concepts in one of the most popular flamenco branches: Huelva´s fandango.

Toni Abellán is one of the most promising flamenco artists in Catalonia. Toni Abellán discovered his passion for the flamenco guitar when he was only 8, encouraged by his passion for guitarists such as Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo and Tomatito. He started his training with different maestros, like Rafael Cañizares.

His passion and devotion for music has been, from the very beginning, constant, which has led him to learn and explore different styles and genres, such as jazz or classical and contemporary music, opening new musical horizons, but always respecting flamenco identity.

Ana Brenes, a singer born in Barcelona in 1991, considers their greatest influences to come, mainly, from her father´s homeland, Utrera, and some artists born there: Fernanda and Bernarda de Utrera, Gaspara and especially Bambino; she has inherited their viscerality and that deep feeling typical of one´s homeland. Ana Brenes feels nothing but respect for the tradicional “palos” (variants) of flamenco: bulerías, tangos, soleá… although providing them with her own personality.

In today´s production we are offering you masterful Huelva´s fandangos, where beautiful melodies merge with a great rhythmical sense, everything being accompanied by Juan Mateo and Diego Amaya´s palmas and jaleos (singing and clapping). For the recording of this song, Toni Abellán has played a guitar made by Jerónimo Pérez 2020, a guitar with a very personal flamenco sound, exactly like our protagonist´s art.