TUTORIAL ON VIDEO: How to ship a guitar

This week on Solera Flamenca we would like to show you how we pack up our guitars in order to fully guarantee their security during shipments. We will also give you some advice to apply in the event of shipping a guitar.

If we had to say what question is the one we are asked most often, it would be this one, definitely: “How can I ship my guitar so it arrives safely?” This question is repeated over and over and over again, but for a good reason. There is no bigger fear for a musician than thinking something might happen to their instrument.

Every guitar lover likes to take good care of their instrument so it is preserved in the best condition possible over the years. Some people take it to the extreme, in such a way that they do not even touch it! This is why we are a bit on the defensive when it comes to shipping an instrument, and the time that goes by between the shipment and the arrival seems to take FOREVER.

These fears are perfectly understandable, as all of us may have heard the typical “a friend of a friend got their guitar broken”, “delivery firms treat packages really badly”… Even though there is some true in these statements, it is even truer than very few cases confirm it does happen. Of course, these situations, which did happen sometime, go around our minds again and again, with our guitar as the protagonist, as if we wanted our shipment to be the jinxed one.

We will let you in on a little secret: the future of your instrument when packing it up or receiving it is influenced by the way you prepare it, rather than how (un)lucky you are feeling that day. This is why we have posted this video: a little tutorial where you will find some tips to ship your instrument in the safest way. Although there is no such thing as zero risk, we will certainly reduce risks considerably if we do the right thing.

Without further ado, we will now leave you with this tutorial which we hope will be helpful… LIGHTS, CAMERA… ACTION !!!