We say goodbye to 2020… with BULERÍAS! A new production with “EL PERLA”!

2020 is, without any doubt, the year all of us would like to forget and leave behind. This pandemic has shown us the human frailty. We thought of ourselves as if we were above the rest of species, almost gods. However, a tiny being has managed to endanger the health of our whole species, paralyzing the world and changing our way of life. Some of you may have lost your businesses, but some others, your loved ones, family, friends… In fact, some of you may have even suffered the effects of the pandemic yourselves. If you have been among the “lucky” ones, you may have only suffered the effects of loneliness and uncertainty of not knowing when it will all be over, or whether things will get back to normal. In any case, it has changed the lives of all of us, to a certain extent.

That said, we can always learn something from everything happening to us in life. Impossible as it seems, in every drawback found one can always find a chance to learn, if we know how to search for it. We must be RESILIENT. Resilience is the human skill of flexibly accepting limit situations, and overcoming them, sometimes even turning out stronger. A way to help oneself is finding the experiences which make us happy and leaning on them, as they will help us realize that, before difficult situations, we can always find some moments to leave sorrow behind and clear negative thoughts from our mind. One of the most powerful experiences to do so is MUSIC.

Music is one of the best human “inventions” ever. It allows us to connect and communicate with no need for understanding each other´s words. We could say music is the most universal language. Music can be touching, awakening a “chemical storm” inside us, leading us to experience pleasure and happiness.

This is why Solera Flamenca continues struggling, fighting for music. We are not a firm which merely sells guitars. On Solera Flamenca we make an effort, we go the extra mile in order to apply this RESILIENCE, and we feel proud of saying that in 2020:

-We kept releasing musical productions regularly.

-We managed to reinvent ourselves by arranging the “Falseta-virus” contest (a huge success).

-We created Solera Flamenca STRINGS.

-We arranged the new “I Solera Flamenca International Contest (Year 2021 Lebrija Town Solera Award).

Although it is true our economy is based on “selling guitars”, we are truly in love with MUSIC in general and FLAMENCO in particular. We do not think of this business as a purely marerial concept, without encouraging, investing on and fighting for musical culture.

We could not say goodbye to this 2020 without letting you know how grateful we are for your affection and the great welcome given to every single project of Solera Flamenca. Every production, every novelty released from our web… and there is no better way to show our gratitude to all of you than with some good music!

We will now leave you with a production by our great friend “El Perla”. No introduction is necessary. There is no better guitar for the occasion. This guitarist has travelled the world with his sonanta, performing next to great flamenco singing and dancing figures, such as: los Farrucos, la Paquera, Chocolate, Montse Cortés… and a long list which confirms we are before one of the most representative and renowned personalities of the guitar world today.

We wish you a happy 2021, full of music…