Joaquín Rojas Gallardo: His guitars in Solera Flamenca

On Solera Flamenca we offer our customers two guitars from Maestro Joaquín Rojas Gallardo. Two guitars made by the firm Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso, dated 1970 and 1972 respectively. They are one of the most prestigious firms of that time, and maestro Joaquín Rojas selected and ordered them personally at the workshop.

SEE Manuel Reyes 1972


SEE Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso 1970


(Joquin Rojas and Paco de Lucía)

Joaquín Rojas Gallardo was born in Badajoz on 18 April 1943, and died on 21 February 2004. Ever since he was a little child he became interested in guitars, commencing his learning with Manuel Terrón. He even accompanied Porrina, aged only 14. Despite his young age, there were plenty of singers asking for his collaboration. With all this experience and knowledge he devoted himself to both flamenco and bullfighting, his other passion.

(Joquín Rojas and Julio Robles)

His contribution and commitment to both flamenco and bullfighting is priceless: He was a founder and member of the first flamenco entity ever founded in Extremadura: the “Asociación de Arte Flamenco de Badajoz”. He was also founder and member of the Federación de Entidades Flamencas de Extremadura, as well as a jury member in endless contests. Some of them worth mentioning are Nimes International Flamenco Contest, Cordoba Nationals, Las Minas en La Unión, Catalonia Flamenco Anvil, Extremadura National Singing, Andalusian Singing Confederation, or Linares National Taranta.

(Porrina de Badajoz’s record anthology, music selection and text by Joaquín Rojas)

As a researcher, he gave more than fifty conferences within a wide variety of topics: “Flamenco and bullfighting” (Twice, no less than Las Ventas, Madrid), “That bullfighting chronicler called flamenco”, “Notes about the flamenco guitar”, “Badajoz´s native flamenco styles”, “Manuel Vallejo´s artistic biographical sketch” “… of Porrina”, “Flamenco and gastronomy”, “Saetas and flamenco”,… etc. With his knowledge and experience, he also gave us an antology of Manolo de Badajoz, a selection of Extremadura singing and another antology of Porrina, as well as working as a bullfighting and flamenco reviewer in specialized press.

(Jordi Franco, next to Porrina de Badajoz’s statue, built in Plaza de la Soledad thanks to the collaboration of Joaquín Rojas)

On Solera Flamenca we are really proud we can offer our customers the chance to acquire a guitar which belonged to one of the most representative and important figures of flamenco, an essential part of our culture.