Domingo Esteso guitars

Domingo Esteso guitars

Regarded as one of the most representative examples in Spanish guitar history. He started working as an apprentice in Manuel Ramírez´s workshop, and, after his death, he worked for his widow, including her name next to the label.

He worked with Santos Hernández and Enrique García in that workshop, all three becoming extraordinary heirs of Manuel Ramírez´s workshop.

In 1915, Domingo Esteso started working on his own, and settled in 7 Gavina Street, next to his wife, Nicolasa Salamanca, who varnished the guitars. It was his most prolific period. Some items can still be seen and admired. Spotless works of great beauty, which after all these years ended up with people who did know how to treat them so they can still be enjoyed.

Later, his nephews Faustino, Mariano and Julio Conde would start at the workshop ; it was the seed of the next step for this guitar firm.

With Domingo Esteso, they learnt the technique and the good work in the art of making of the Spanish guitar. They remained with him until his very death in 1.937, during Spanish Civil War.

Domingo Esteso passed away, victim of a respiratory condition, because of the air draft at the workshop and the lack of penicillin.