Solera Flamenca & Pepe Fernández in the USA: Review and pictures

On Solera Flamenca we are always carrying out and designing new projects so our customers obtain the very best service. Among our latest news, one of them definitely stands out: The opening of Solera Flamenca LA, Los Angeles (READ ARTICLE) and the creation of a new guitar model (“Tribute to Marcelo Barbero”), along with the maker Alberto Hernández (READ ARTICLE).

Sergio Camargo, Alberto Hernández, Pepe Fernández, Manuel Adalid, Jordi Franco

In order to promote these new project, we attended NAMM 2018, in California, where guitarist Pepe Fernández offered a concert with this new model of guitar at the stand of Guitarras Esteve. It was a great success, and now we will show you some of the pictures of the event.

Concierto NAAM

For the presentation of the next opening of our guitar store in Los Angeles, Solera Flamenca LA, due in February 2018, we will be arranging a concert in “Paper or Plastik Cafe”, in los Angeles, with the guitarist Pepe Fernández, dancer Manuel Gutierrez and the singing of José Cortés, apart from a free master class by Pepe Fernández at MKM Cultural, Hollywood.

Concierto Paper or Plastic Cafe

Concierto Paper or Plastic Cafe

A trip which has been a unique experience for us, so stimulating that it makes us get increasingly involved on this project (even more), always focused on offering our friends and customers a close, affordable and accesible service.

Master class MKM Cultural