In Solera Flamenca we offer our customers one of the guitars belonging to the Maestro Vicente Amigo, one of the most representative leading figures of the flamenco guitar in history. A real genius of this instrument, making a huge contribution to the evolution and dissemination of this genre all around the world.

It is a guitar made by MANUEL REYES, 2003, one of the best guitar builders of all time, that maestro Vicente Amigo kept for several years, making use of it during this period. Around 8 years ago, he visited his friend, the guitarist José Luis Postigo, the owner of one of the best guitars in our country. After trying several guitars of his collection, Vicente became interested in one of them, so he offered to exchange it for a guitar made by Manuel Reyes. José Luis accepted the trade, and he also asked for him to sign the top of the guitar, so as to be able to prove its origin. In the images attached, you can see some photos of the day where these events took place. SEE THE GUITAR

This guitar made by Manuel Reyes is possibly one of the most comfortable ones we have ever had in our hands. Besides, its sound is simply perfect: great volume, power, scope, clarity… everything one could ask for! Its beautiful timbre is definitely worth mentioning. A timbre which has become a universal hallmark which easily distinguish his instruments from the ones made by the rest of craftsmen.

Talking about Vicente Amigo means talking about one of the greatest geniuses nowadays. Flamenco art would not be the same without him, just like Tomatito or Paco de Lucía. His contribution to the guitar in particular and to music in general is amazing: his own style, unprecedented character, all of which allows the audience to identify his sound after a couple of notes.

¿Who hasn´t heard the expression “It sounds like Paco”, or “It sounds like Vicente”? They are geniuses of our time, with such a big scope covered that it is practically impossible for a guitarist to compose something without reminding us of these Maestros, largely due to his falsetas.

In Solera Flamenca we offer our customers a unique and exclusive opportunity: Owning a guitar which belonged to a true genius of the flamenco guitar. One of the greatest ones ever.

Before our farewell, we will leave you with a video of Maestro Vicente Amigo playing some of his compositions, where the creative skills and virtuosity of this essential flamenco figure are clearly reflected.