Lela Soto, José Andrés Cortés y Dani Bonilla: Flamenco Puro in Solera Flamenca

This week, on Solera Flamenca we are bringing you Lela Soto´s voice, accompanied by José Andrés Cortés´s guitar, and Dani Bonilla´s percussion… a delightful production which will make us enjoy the purest and most genuine flamenco.

Lela Soto is one of the most promising voices of the flamenco outlook nowadays. Born in Madrid (1992), he inherited the legacy from Los Sordera house. Her father, Vicente Soto, aka “Sordera”, and her mother, Luisa Heredia, dancer, transmitted her the essence of flamenco, and of course, the love for it. Lela is also niece of artists such as José Mercé, José Soto “Sorderita” or Enrique Soto, on her father´s side, and Ray Heredia or Enrique de Melchor, on her mother´s.

Ever since her childhood, he started singing in family meetings and some other events, and her talent for flamenco singing started becoming evident. Apart from her orthodox flamenco background, Lela Soto provides her music with an avant-garde flamenco touch, so we can hear different influences, such as Jazz, Blues, Salsa or R&B, through artists like Whitney Houston o Beyoncé.

For some years now, Lela Soto has been required by some of the most successful artists in Spain, in order to colaborate in their recording and tours: Alejandro Sanz (recording and tour of his álbum “No es lo mismo”), Pitingo (tour of “Soulería”), Niña Pastori (recording and tour of “Ámame como soy”), among others.

José Andrés Cortés, a gipsy guitarist, was born in Barcelona on 6 August 1981. He started learning as a flamenco guitarist at the age of 12, with Manuel Cañizares and Manuel Granados as teachers. He would start in some of Barcelona´s legendary flamenco tablaos, such as Tablao del Carmen and el Cordobés.

He has spread his talent around both Spain and the rest of the world: China, Japan, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, and recently on tour in Mexico and the USA as an artist of the Compañía de Rafael Amargo (Rafael Amargo´s flamenco group). After quite an intense experience in the flamenco world, he formed his own music band, Almacalé, where he is the manager and composer. During his artistic career, he has been awarded the 1st Prize in the XV Young Figures of Flamenco Guitar National Contest, as well as the 1st Prize in the prestigious Niño Ricardo Guitar Contest, in Murcia, apart from some other prizes in Minas Singing Festival, held in La Unión. The thing is that, at the age of 27 he had already made a name for himself, both in the world of performances and concerts, and in dancing groups.

Dani Bonilla, raised between Fuengirola and Marbella, is a versatile artist: Singer, dancer, composer, guitarist… After some time performing in Andalusia, he sets off for Japan, as a Singer of tablao “El Flamenco” in Tokyo. During his stay, he collaborates with Tokyo National Ballet, directed by Shoji Kojima, in Tokyo National Theatre.

He has worked with artists such as Miguel Ángel Cortés, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Rycardo Moreno, Rafael de Utrera, María Terremoto, Arcángel, Alba Molina, Daniel Casares, etc. As a composer, he has worked for Amparo Lagares, Sarayma, Lincy Fernández, Manuela Carrasco…

He has taken part in the album, as a production assistant, for Amparo Lagares; he has also been part of the work behind Joselito Acedo´s albums (nominated to Latin Grammys), Rycardo Moreno, Fran Cortés, Abel Romano, Sarayma, Esperanza Fernández, Lya, Makarines, Alba Molina, Maleando, Angelita Montoya y Miguel Poveda.

He is currently part of the flamenco groups of Miguel Poveda, Rycardo Moreno, and Esperanza Fernández, among others, while still working on his own projects as a singer-songwriter.

Without further ado, we will leave you with this solea to the rhythm of bulerías, with Lela Soto´s voice, accompanied by José Andrés Cortés, using a guitar made by JERÓNIMO PÉREZ, 2017, and Dani Bonilla´s percussion… a flamenco master class which we wish you enjoy as much as we did!!