Manuel Ramírez guitars

Manuel Ramírez learned the profession of luthier from his elder brother, José Ramírez I. Around 1891, aged 27, de decided to set his own business. At first, he had in mind to settle in Paris, and after he told José, the latter helped the former to make his project come true. For an unknown reason, Manuel changed his mind and turned out settling in 24 Cava Baja Street, Madrid. This move started an argument between brothers which would never be solved. After some time in Cava Baja St, Manuel moved to 5 Santa Ana Square, and he would further move to 10 Arlaban St, where he would finally remain. He attained great prestige quite soon, not only as a guitar maker, but also making violins, and some other stringed instruments. He was designated luthier of the Madrid´s Royal Conservatory. Also, he continued the school of luthiers started by his brother, being in charge of the teaching of some of the most important luthiers ever, such as Santos Hernández, Domingo Esteso or Modesto Borreguero.