José Salinas guitars

José Salinas was born in Almería in 1974. His art and great work as a craftsman come from their passion for flamenco, which he has devoted his whole life to, as a singer and guitar lover. In fact, his father, a professional cabinetmaker, passed on this knowledge to his son so he could work on this noble material for more than seven years working together at his workshop. As we said, he was a top-level flamenco singer, as he has worked in some of the most popular tablaos and stages, such as Casa Patas, Las Carboneras, Corral de la Morería, etc. and has been on stage with some of the best artists, like Joaquín Ruiz, Concha Jareño, Belén López, El Amir… All of this allowed him to live surrounded by good guitars and guitarists, who fanned the flames of the passion for flamenco guitar inside of him. His guitars stand out for a particularly personal flamenco timbre, with spotless sound quality and extraordinary comfort. These virtues have managed to captivate great flamenco artists, such as El Amir, Farruquito, Curro Prieto aka “Currito”, Antonio aka “El Ñoño”, or Antonio Carrión, among others.