Pedro Maldonado guitars

Pedro Maldonado was born in Loja (Granada) in 1929.

He worked in his father´s cabinetmaker workshop since he was very young. He got a great interest in stringed instruments very soon. He visited most workshops in Granada, learning the secrets of the job from master luthiers, such as Manuel de la Chica, Manuel Ferrer y Antonio Robles, who would become close friends.

In 1959, he set his first workshop in Laus Street (Loja). Here he started to build his first flamenco guitars, which would become so popular that he decided to move to Sixto neighbourhood, in Málaga, to be able to reach more clients.

Three years later, he moved his workshop to Velázquez Avenue, where he would have to work really hard to make all the guitars he was ordered to do… from all around the world.

Finally, he moved again to 4 Isabel Manoja Avenue, where he is currently working next to his son.